Autumn Essentials: Knits

When I think about the most sustainable way of buying clothes, it's to buy second-hand. In Spain many years ago I purchased an oversized brown sweater which my sisters stole, wore out and then handed back to me. After a little needle-and-thread treatment from my Mum, it was back in action. Thrift shopping or rummaging in charity in shops isn't for everyone though. For those of you who would rather shop online whilst being kind to the planet, here's my round up of sustainable knits. Word of warning, some are eye-wateringly expensive and you'll need to save up for them.

Canva Chunky Knits

My absolute fav is from Toteme because it's grey which goes with everything, has an elongated turtle neck which gives it an editorial feel and it's oversized to hide any post Christmas weight gain. 
I'm so happy to have found Everlane because they're a sustainable French company with so many Parisian basics. This navy cropped sweater is soft on the touch (having read the reviews) and works perfectly over a shirt. Which means it'll work on a chilly summer's night or autumn strolls layered atop a long shirt.  
Everlane, Cropped Knit
At first I thought searching for environmentally responsible brands was going to be a pain but then I found RUS! I'm obsessed with the photography by the brand and the creative ways they market themselves. They're launching on the 4th August 2019 and there's a knit I'll have my eye on.
In my quest to be a minimalist and deep thinker, Lauren Manoogian's website makes my spirit animal very happy. She creates clothes that are simple works of art. When it comes to knit's you want a sweater that will last you a lifetime. Yes you'll have to take great care of it - washing it exactly as advised and drying it flat. You'll also want to look for a cashmere and/or merino wool blend. It mustn't be itchy or so fragile it bobbles after every wear. A natural tone works best so think beige, brown or charcoal. Finally you'll want to spend your money on supporting a brand you believe makes good quality products. 
For the fashionista in me, this Baserange pull over gives me life! I think elevated Yeezy when I see this - I'm not sure it would suit my brown skin-tone but on paler skin this would work wonders. I love a knit that has exaggerated sleeves or some interesting detail. There's my tip of the day, always buy clothing which has a simple detail the high-street version wouldn't offer. 
Every great outfit needs a satchel that's sturdy, has a strap and matches with everything. Presenting the Karan Rai London Nude Carrie. Take it away...
Nude Carrie

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