Keeping it 'sustainable'

I didn't really understand what 'sustainable' meant until I carved out some time to research it's definition. In essence it's something which is kind to the environment and can be replaced. In fact once you get your head around the definition you'll start noticing how much of what we do, consume and buy is not sustainable.

Sustainability is not just a trend, cult or flavor of the month. It's about being aware of where things come from, how they got to us and what impact they have on the environment.

I can't believe how hard it is to actually pin-point which brands are sustainable and which aren't. I know if I need earrings under £4 I should head to H&M but we all know that fast fashion isn't sustainable.

Fashion is the worlds second largest polluter and if it costs me £4 for a pair of hoops, I dread to think who's really paying the rest of the price.

Every creator will know that to get something right you need time, skill and passion. Usually things made to last cost more money because they are richer in quality. I'm not saying something expensive automatically insures longevity.

I just think we need to spend more time inwardly wondering where something started it's life journey and how we came to acquire it. As a 'minimalist in progress' I believe less is more. Less stuff frees up your time to appreciate small details. 

You start to think about how you fit into the world and how your stuff does to. After being obsessed with fashion for years I know now that my style is function over fashion. I like things which fit me well, that are classic items in my wardrobe and that are muted in colour. It's taken me time, money not-well-spent and my body changing to understand what I truly like to wear.

When it comes to accessories I actually don't wear them much. I have a watch which belongs to my Dad by Citizen that I would never part with although I don't wear it much. 

I need to invest in a pair of sandals and I found a pair I really like from sustainable brand, Nisolo for $88.

Nisolo $88 Sustainable Shoes

Beige will get dirty quickly but I always think it brightens up darker skinned feet. Nisolo currently don't ship outside the USA so I'll have to keep looking for a slide sandal much like this. That is the thing with sustainable fashion, it will require more time from you. I'm not afraid to put the work in because I know the benefits are necessary for us to live in a kinder world.  

I hope I've sparked a little interest in you to shop more aware.

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