Worried about outshining the bride, well fear not...

It's time to start shopping for wedding season and weather you've been invited to one or a slew of events you'll need the perfect 'wedding guest' outfit. 

Find an outfit and accessories you can recycle once the happy couple have rode off into the sunset. If you're a financially savvy reader you'll want to buy a less memorable dress that you can wear on top of loose fitting jeans to a pub lunch or under a knit once BBQ season is in full force. 

Most guests will opt for a light, floaty, floral dress. If that sounds like your style then this yellow pleated, halter neck maxi dress by Self-Portait is your go to. 

Self-Portrait Cold-Shoulder Pleated Floral Dress

But if you're a woman ready to splurge, make an entrance and get that 'Insta worthy' shot, you'll need this blazer dress. 

Y/PROJECT Tulle and wool-blend mini dress £1,115

I can hear your jaws dropping over the internet, it's beautiful, romantic and SO extra! I would buy this in a heartbeat and wear it everywhere to justify the cost at £1,115. This isn't a look for a fly on the wall with it's tulle casing that enveloping the boxy wool blazer. It's quite leggy for a family wedding so best wear it to a very fashionable friends wedding. If you're worried this look would upstage the bride, it won't, at worst you'll stand out like a sore thumb and find your tribe at the bar.
To cover your modesty up a little, I found some shorts to go underneath the blazer dress but in honesty I'd ditch the shorts and wear a slip dress. 
This is considered nightwear and meant to be worn in bed but a silky slip dress is trending now so let's break the rules. I know I've suggested all black items which you can't wear to Asian weddings so just haggle for an invite to an English do.
YEEZY Transparent PVC Mules

I've never considered actually buying anything Kim Kardashian West wears. If you're part of the elite fashion publishing gang you'll know it's above us. It's just not 'our' style but I can make an exception with these Yeezy's. A see-through mule will make your legs look longer and won't add another distracting feature.

There's only one way to complete this look, yep, a fierce handbag. I chose the silver croc print Carrie bag as it's lightweight, structured and still has a grunge appeal. 

Y/PROJECT Tulle and wool-blend mini dress £1,115

P.s. Remember to rework the blazer after wedding season with denim jeans and a crisp white tee.

Happy Wedding!

Product Selection Priya Paul

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