What up Meghan?

We all know the most important part of a wedding is the Brides wedding dress. The boring bits like food, music, guests, alcohol, timings, table settings, decorations and atmosphere are probably the things to get right. NOT FOR ME though, all I'm interested in is the brides outfit. 

So when it comes to royal weddings, the pressure is on. I'm going to assume there's no upper limit on the budget and the 'boys side' are paying for it all as they're minted. You've got jewels passed down for centuries to choose from and every designer anywhere wanting to loan you their pieces. It's a dream come true for every girl that believed prince charming would rescue her and build her a walk-in-a-wardrobe. 

While that fairy tale doesn't play out for all of us, we hopefully find someone who loves us and protects us from 'fire breathing dragons' each day. 

That's enough of the soppy stuff - onto why you're here. Whilst everyone is wondering who Meghan Markle will wear, the real question is 'what are you going to wear to watch the wedding?' 

The wedding is on 19th May 2018 at Windsor Castle and I'll be watching it at home! But I plan to watch it in style, so 'if money were no object, this is what I would wear...'

Joseph Darius long-line jacketJoseph Beige Blazer

I'm a sucker for all things beige, pink and nude. It's a colour palette that's soft on the eye and never goes out of style. Being basic doesn't mean boring, you're just someone who makes long-term choices and that's sexy. Now I know it's mad to sit at home wearing a Joseph blazer to watch the Royal Wedding, but why not? It's an excuse to celebrate and get dressed up. 
So what are you supposed to wear under this blazer? 
You're going to freak out when you see my suggestion.

THE ROW Ebbons round-neck silk gown

THE ROW Ebbons round-neck silk gown

This slip dress is £2,550 by The Row on Matches Fashion. As you can tell I've set no budget for my fantasy shopping basket but this sexy number is a non-negotiable. This could be someone's wedding dress, infact it should be. This is that boho chic wedding dress an Australian bride would wear with a floral headband to get married on the beach. BALENCIAGA Triple S low-top trainers

I would just walk around the house bare foot in this look and hope the sun makes an apperance. If you're going to a friends house to drink champers and be the events official 'fashion police' then you're going to need shoes fit for a princess. I had trainers in mind to cazh the whole look down. Ugly Dad trainers are having a moment and although I'm anti-trends, I champion this one. I feel like bulky, comfy and obviously branded trainers will keep circulating through generations, so they make great hand-me-downs. 

Here's to Meghan and Harry, may your lives be filled with love, laughter and fashionable garms!

Photo courtesy Vanity Fair

Product selection Hannah Patel @Hannahpatelx

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  • Yes all eyes on the bride.

    Personally, I feel like the wedding dress did not do her figure justice. She needed another fitting!
    Although her reception dress was super cute and showed off more of her figure :)

    Kourtney on

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