Which movie outfit shaped you?

Everyone has an iconic movie outfit that reminds them of their childhood. It might be the yellow plaid skirt suit from Clueless, the Breakfast at Tiffany's opening Givenchy maxi dress or the skin-tight cat suit in Grease that does it for you. For me it's the finale dress in Brad Pitt's Meet Joe Black. As I looked for images of the dress on Google, I realised that my memory of the dress was so far from what it actually looked like. I thought it was backless, navy blue and satin. I've always wanted to be the girl in that dress. If I could wear a dress like that my sixteen year-old-self believed I would be skinny, rich and successful. So when I saw this spaghetti number on ASOS I suddenly had flashbacks to sitting in front of a TV watching Brad Pitt get run over. Our past, present and future are so finely woven, here's to 2018... may our lives be as glamorous as we dreamed they would be.

www.asos.com, Bec & Bridge

www.asos.com, Bec & Bridge

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  • For me, it is all things Dolce. So an iconic hollywood outfit has to be the white wedding dress in ‘The Godfather’ – white lace! Pure class x

    Queenie on

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