Just incase

I've just watched one too many YouTube videos on vans converted into tiny homes. 

The premise is, you buy a van or bus and convert it into a travelling home. You don't pay any rent, everything you need stays with you and you drive to wherever you want.

Ranj and I have spoken about this before and we sort of forgot about it. 

I love the space we have now in our rented two bedroom house. We've filled it with interiors, faux sun flowers from Ikea and things which remind us of our families. 

But everytime I watch videos of people who have packed up their lifes, converted a small van and got on there way, I'm inspired. 

Can you imagine waking up to a different view every morning? 

I mean you'd have to cut through the shell of the van and install windows to see what's outside but Ranj is handy. 

Infact one of the most unselfish things I've done in a long time is help build cupboards for Ranj's sister. It's funny how all the stars align because it's where I noticed he had ample patience for home renovation. 

Ranj could actually handle a mini-van conversion, okay we might need a certified electrician for lighting and plug sockets but I have faith in his abilities. 

Then just like clock work, all the reasons not to be ridiculous start invading my thoughts. 


You're a clean freak how are you ever going to survive without two showers a day? What about nits, you could get those if you don't wash you hair enough. And how will you live without hot running water? Can you handle having filthy feet all the time and stinky armpits - that'll be hairy. How does one shave or wax or pluck in a moving house on wheels? Because I'll need to, that hippy, one-life, peace shit won't work for my genetically hairy body. 

Okay hair problems aside, what if the van breaks down and we can't fix it? What if someone breaks into the van whilst we're buying groceries or worse still, we're sleeping and they have weapons?

What if Ranj need's to poo and the compost bin stinks up the van? We probably can't even afford a van or a conversion! I stop to sigh. 

Wait, what are we going to tell our parents even if we had the money? My Dad is going to make us get married before we leave, how will pay for a wedding and van? 

What about work? How will we afford to pay for this nomadic lifestyle? How will we get a WiFi connection. How much do those internet sticks cost? Do they still even make those? 

What if the van is too heavy and we break a bridge? I can't swim that well - it'll be like Titanic but the budget version. 

And food, we'll need to cook in a less then sanitary environment. What if we get food poisoning? What if we need a doctor? What if my leg gets gangrene - okay that's unlikely, we're not going to war.   

But what if Ranj loves travelling in a van and I hate it? Imagine if we fall out of love with each other. Will we separate in the middle of nowhere and I'll be left to drive around solo? Or worse, we'll just stay together for the sake of it, for convenience because we had traveled too far to go back. 

Most importantly, how am I even going to convince Ranj to do this? He's lazy but idealistic, much like me. 


Wait, do I even want to do this? 

Once the inspiration wears off, you're left with some very real questions. 

Like me, you'll probably forget about this little day dream. It seems like too much work, too much money and too far fetched. 

Back to the norm-core we go and life ensues in it's sheltered way. 

But what if you thought about the magnificence of such an adventure. Think about the stars that would light up at night hosting a party just for you. Imagine the things you could never unsee because they changed you, they moved. Think about the generous people you would meet who would fill you with love. And for a brief moment think about taking a risk that could transport across oceans and to lesser known lands. 

Let me go ask him the big question...

Ranj will you build a 'mobile home' with me?

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