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Since I've been on Instagram I'm way more in tune with what's happening around the world. Growing up in a Bollywood bubble, I had no idea weeping cherry trees blossom so beautifully in Japan from late March to early April. Now it's the only place I'd rather be then tucked up in bed writing to you. 

The furthest east I've ever been is India, my mothers birth place and it's as loud, noisy and colourful as the rumors suggest. I've wanted to travel to China ever since I discovered Alibaba, a website where you can buy mass manufactured goods. Okay that doesn't sound appealing but it did around the time I wanted to become an entrepreneur. 

It's so funny to say that out loud because business studies at a girls only high school was definitely not a sexy subject. Yet for years now, all I've wanted to do is be my own boss. So today when I watched a TED talk on why entrepreneurship is now trendy it uncovered something that made me wonder. We are all here to find our purpose. If our jobs are not things we love then we seek purpose elsewhere. 

I found my purpose with Karan Rai London. My purpose is to live life courageously with an appetite to learn and share. That sharing part is where you come in. When I get to write (type) it's free flowing. I started writing letters, poems and diary entries as teenager but never shared them.

'To be a good writer, you must read' they say. 'To be a great writer you must write honestly' I say. I love to read about everything as I'm a very curious person which is a happy coincidence. But I write as if no-one's reading, starting sentences with 'but' because it serves it's purpose there. 

And here's a short fashion story I wrote...

Once upon a time in Japan people dressed like this but more low key. The End., Dolce & Gabbana Spring Summer 2019

Okay, there's a little more... I haven't worn an Indian outfit for many years now even though it's still customary to wear traditional garms. I've found a way to pull the look apart and modernise it to reflect my western ideals. That sounds deep but Indian outfits can be heavily embroidered, they're usually made up of 3 parts and cost a bomb.

Which got me thinking, if I had to wear a Japanese inspired outfit today, what would it look like?

TOGA Belted floral-print nylon dressTOGA Belted floral-print nylon dress

It's not a literal translation and sometimes when I look at this dress, I think it's so ugly at other times, I think it's genius. Much like this dress, the traditional kimono had a belt which cinched in the waist but here it has a plastic buckle rather then a knot.


I'd wear these socks on my feet because I can. 




Then I'd slip these strappies over my inappropriate socks.

And finally I would top the whole look off with a green, shiny, patent clutch bag from Karan Rai London.


Product selection by Hannah Patel @Hannahpatelx

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