It's a Manolo Blahnik

I’m trying my best not to make this blog about coats and shoes but the heart wants what it wants. I like most girls was introduced to Manolo Blahnik during the reign of Sex and the City. I wanted the proposal shoe - the blue pointy pair encrusted with a square diamond on the roof of the shoe. You know the one’s? Flash forward to 2017 and I’m not so fussed about those anymore. There’s a new kid in town, it’s still a Manolo Blahnik, it’s still blue and it’s still pointy. There’s something about this shoe that speaks to the woman I am (or aspire to be) – my inner Jackie Kennedy. I would save up to buy this shoe – I mean I’ll have to if I want them. Maybe it’s just a pipe dream for me? No! One day, Manolo Blahnik you will be mine – until then stay sassy.

Manolo Blahnik

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