'Live life as if it's rigged in your favor' Rumi

I've just checked the analytics to see how many of you read yesterdays blog post and the answer is one of you! Someone out there values my opinion. It's most likely one of my interns or me refreshing the browser, but that's one more person who's dedicated their time to hear me out. I know you're thinking, that's shi* and I would have too years ago. 

But I'm so grateful to that one person that I have decided to write each post with the same rigor as the worlds most popular blog in the world by Seth Godin. With the same depth of research, as the almost 100 year old magazine, Good Housekeeping. With the same passion for life as a tiger - okay I'm not sure that analogy works but you get me. I'm going to write blogs that I'm proud of. Full stop. 

Just thought I'd share that breaking news. 

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