'I love doing everything and nothing all at once'

On a two hour drive from London to Birmingham I explained to my boyfriend what type of personality I had. The conversation sounded much like this 'I'm an introvert but I can be extroverted when I have to be. It's best to put me around people in big bursts so I can disappear once it's over.' He replied with 'what type of personality type is that? Is there a name for it?'

My response was a frustrated 'who cares!' Then he explained his reasoning. 'If you could find successful people who were ambitious and simultaneously lazy like you, maybe you could copy them.' Okay so he had a point. I'm basically a singer (who can't sing.) I want to write lyrics, record songs, create a music video, release the album, go on tour and then disappear for months. 

As I type away, I realise my handbags go through the same creation process except I'm missing some key steps. I always rush into the production stage without having a story behind the collection. I need a story. The story needs to be inspired by things I love. I love beautiful but odd fashion photographs in an A3 coffee-table book. I love the creation of literature for the sake of it and not for money. I love people who love what they do. 

That's my personality type, the 'I love doing whatever I want' type. Right now I want to create the 'world's best handbag.' Now that's the start of a great story...

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