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I'm supposed to be pressing the 'buy' button on as I write this but I'm afraid. My basket contains two pairs of jeans, both blue denim in size 38, one a straight leg and the other a slim leg. The total comes to £380 with £5 delivery but I have a code for free delivery which eases the pain a little. I hate paying delivery full stop but on luxury items it's just criminal. When I have thoughts like that, I think 'you have such a poor mans mindset' but going from a high-street shopper to a luxury buyer is hard. Some how I've grown accustomed to paying £170 over a counter in Zara but paying it over the internet for just one item pulls on the heart strings. 

As a teenager I swore by Topshop jeans as they were affordable, fitted well and came in every colour. I always stuck to a blue jean though, they look the most expensive, tend to hold their shape and wash well. I've never owned a black pair of jeans because the knees and buttoned areas tend to fade. A white jean has always been on my shopping list but unless you're in Paris on a sunny day they're just not appropriate. They get dirty so fast, attracting black streaks and you can never get that crisp white colour back after washing them.

Yves Saint Laurent wished he invented blue jeans because they were “the most relaxed and nonchalant” piece in a woman’s wardrobe. If you can find a pair that are comfy enough for a short haul plane trip, hug your butt without giving you a camel toe and long enough for those days your legs need not be seen, you're onto a winner. 

After a final trawl through the denim pages on Matches just to be safe I wasn't missing 'the one' I handed over my card details! Do you want to see what I went for with my £200 budget per item?

Raey Women's Blue Rail High-rise Straight-leg Jeans

It's either the styling or the model which isn't doing this pair of Raey jeans justice but they are a dreamy basic. My only reservation is the raw edge by the ankle, as trendy as fringe is as the moment I'm looking for a forever jean. I'm worried that with wear and tear the jean will get stringy along the hem line so they'll need a fine inspection upon arrival. 


These Re/Done jeans are pricer of the two but this brand is having an Insta moment which might explain the dearer price tag. I hate following trends blindly and wearing what everyone else is but I'll make an exception here. 

P.s. I've scheduled in another post to report back in June on which pair I choose, why and how they're doin!

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  • I agree, jeans are a staple piece of any wardrobe. However, it is IMPOSSIBLE to find the perfect fit because our bodies are always changing.

    Personally, the boyfriend fit will always be a classic – very breakfast at Tifanny´s don´t you think?

    Kourt on

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