Brup Burberry

I’m at a desk on the fourth floor of a building with central heating and I’m still shivering. I hate winter, I love Christmas, I just hate the cold. It makes my back hurt and I’m always afraid of getting a fever. (Which reminds me, I must get the flu jab this year.) So, for me, wrapping up warm from September to March is a must. I know those aren’t all winter months but I always feel chilly - I think it’s a circulation thing. Plus, I haven’t exercised this year – okay maybe once but I’m not really helping myself by eating unhealthily. So in my bid to survive the winter I’ve listed some of my top buys today. Stay warm peeps. 

I've owned one puff jacket in my lifetime and I initially thought it made me look fat but there is no cacoon like it. The trick is to buy the longest one you can find in a dark shade like this Burberry number - they look more expensive and can be worn everyday. If you're a fan of bright colours, go for a red waist length puffa and wear it off your shoulders with a knit underneath.

Net-a-porter Burberry

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