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There are moments in your life that shape you. When Malaika Arora Khan, a Bollywood Actress was spotted with a Karan Rai London handbag I knew I was doing something right. Here is @malaikaarorakhanofficial with our Carrie Bag

Malaika Arora KhanMalaika Arora Khan @malaikaarorakhanofficialMalaika Arora Khan @malaikaarorakhanofficialMalaika Arora Khan @malaikaarorakhanofficial

Here's Bhumi Pednekar, a Bollywood Actress who was also spotted one a night out with our Carrie Bag. 

@psbhumiBhumi Pednekar @psbhumiBhumi Pednekar @psbhumi

Here's the ever green Presenter, Kate Thornton and Kathryn Tyler of Digital Mums with our Originals clutch bag. 

Kate Thornton and Kathryn Tyler

Here's Mummy blogger, Anna Whitehouse, making our Originals clutch look yummy. 


Spotted on Fashion Blogger, Anooshe Mussarat Kissner our Carrie bag takes to the streets of London. 

Anooshe Mussarat Kissner

Our biggest supporter, Fashion Blogger, Celine Khan flaunts her Originals clutches. 

Sidra KhanSidra KhanSidra Khan

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