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I heard on a podcast last week that weddings cost guests approx £1k. There's the hen do, the outfits, the gifts, the travel, the overnight stay, the cabs... and the list goes on. It's not surprising that weddings rack up their own bills even if you're just attending.

There's also a social etiquette that as part of the brides inner circle, you're up for getting down and dirty. If you're not herding a group of girls from an airport to an overpriced Airbnb then you're arranging a kitty for a sash made in China. 

As romantic as I've made it sound one day it'll be my turn to play Bridezilla and hunt down any friends willing to take up the role. Having been a bridesmaid twice now I can safely say I'm not a very good one. I've hand picked the friends I do have because I'm difficult, know what I want and want alot. Not many people enjoy being around that type of personality so I do them a favor and part ways. 

You won't guess it right away if you met me but I am an introvert. I don't say that because it sounds sexy but it's the best way to explain my social behavior. I would rather spend time alone dreaming of days in Kerela on a rowing boat with the sun hitting my back. 

But you can't say no when asked to be a bridesmaid. Has anyone actually said no ever? Who had the guts to do that? I want to meet them.

There's just a lot of organisation involved that I don't want to do. The finances required for the position are demanding. The time taken in a room full of people you don't know but are urged to mingle with is insurmountable. 

That's all my fancy way of saying 'honey no!' 

There is a silver lining to being a bridesmaid though, dum-roll, the dress. If you have a friend that's got good taste, wants you to look hot too and has the money to splurge, you could turn this all around. 

This dress is worth pushing your friends to finally seal the deal so you can be a bridesmaid. It's totally inappropriate for a wedding because it's cut high up the left thigh so it'll need some altering. I have a suggestion - if you undo some of the ruching where it's gathered and iron down the raw hem you could lower that thigh-high slit. Okay I've hyped it up enough, let's see it...

Jacquemus Dress With Draped Hem And Strappy Back

I know my suggestions can be ridiculous sometimes but let's picture a beach wedding in Costa Rica where everyone is almost naked - this Jacquemus dress, £660 would fit right in. I've just had another idea, at an Indian wedding you could wear this over a see-through pajami (legging). I know the see-through pajami was a trend years ago but it could be time for a revival. 

Gianvito Rossi Online Boutique LYN Nude Shoe

Ideally I see this dress being worn without shoes to stop it looking slutty but to get from A to B you might need these Gianvito Rossi mules, £575. I don't see your bestie burning a hole in her pocket to buy these for you but they'll last you long after the wedding so you might want to invest. The sole is extremely pointy beyond the toes which I don't usually like but as it's a sandy shade I'll get used to it. 


I don't always team my suggestions with a Karan Rai bag because it'll come off forced but I needed a pop of colour and knew this was it. A shinny yellow bag couldn't be more fitting with a neutral coloured palette. It's also the Gen Z colour of the moment so you're in safe hands with this zesty pouch. 

As a final piece of advice I'll add, always stay true to yourself because trying to fit in for others will leave you feeling your loneliest. 

Product Selection Priya Paul @ugly.saviour

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  • Count your blessings sis because you´ll be my bridesmaid someday ;)

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