All change at Vogue

Peeps it happened... Edward Enninful’s first Vogue edition is out now! I haven't brought it yet because I’m cheap but I stood in the newsagents and pierced the pages with my eyes. It really is the race issue. There’s a picture of an Indian girl with butt length hair on a cow, naked... need I say more. Is it really bad that I don't care if it's racist on purpose? Maybe you have to be controversial to make a point these day. The internet is so noisy. Well, as long as Indians are being included, I'm happy. Indians are that odd group who quietly get on with things. We never stand up for ourselves the way black people do. We never build a community the way Jewish folk do. We tend to be more reactive then revolutionary, excluding Ghandi of course. Well, I'm a brown person who's been born and brought up in Britain and I'm ready to stand beside my white counter-parts. No longer will racism be the reason I don't get ahead in life. I make my own future and it will be filled with rainbows. (Oh, I did Google if saying black people is racist - I never found a definitive answer)

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